Dubrovnik countryside biking discovery

Our biking adventure starts from Cadmos Village, adventure park hidden in Konavle valley. Cows and goats, vineyards and other farmlands, farmers in the field reaping the fruits of their labor are just some of the sights you will encounter along this path! After switching to a paved road, the biking tour reaches the Đivanović watermill on the river Ljuta where we will explain you the history behind the only operating mill. You can also see a completely restored stamp mill for making rough woolen cloth and the presentation of traditional wool processing. Don’t worry! You won’t be hungry or thirsty, snacks and drinks will be waiting for you! The biking tour continues towards the Franciscan Monastery to the church of St. Blaise that was built in the first half of 15th century, in the style of the early Dubrovnik Renaissance. History, architecture and sightseeing will enrich this biking experience!