Scents of Christmas in Cadmos Village

‘Scents of Christmas’ in Konavle has been the best event in Croatian rural tourism, the bearer of the Golden Charter Award ‘Sunflower of Croatian Rural Tourism’, and is not to be missed!

‘Scents of Christmas’ in Konavle run from 2008 as the most popular Christmas carols in Croatia. In a very short period this happening became recognizable as a tourist product, and the organizer is the ‘Agrotourism of Konavle’. Agritourism Konavle is the holder of all the activities of the development of rural tourism in Konavle, and brings over a hundred members together who work tirelessly to promote, improve and enrich the offer of Konavle.

The vision of Konavle as a rural tourism destination is to establish the balance between the economic progress, the preservation of the environment and the social stability of rural communities. The Agrotourism Association gathers the full range of rural tourism of Konavle, manufacturers of traditional and indigenous agricultural products, as well as individuals that preserve traditional skills and Crafts of Konavle.
The event ‘Scents of Christmas’ is visited by about five thousand visitors every year and it was attended by about a hundred exhibitors and producers of the genuine products of the region.

Rural tourism, as well as the contents of the event have mainly been based on tradition and cultural heritage which you can experience if you join this Feast, the best in rural tourism of Croatia. From the year 2013. Cadmos Village restaurant team is preparing traditional dish “Zelena menestra” while participating and promoting Scents of Christmas in Konavle.


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